Examples of Good CAS Reflections

IB CAS Reflections

Writing CAS reflections well is an integral part CAS. This allows students to demonstrate their understanding of the true meaning and purpose of the CAS activities. The CAS reflections also let the CAS coordinator know that the learning outcomes have been met.

Use the questions below to guide you when reflecting on your CAS activities. You do not have to use all questions for all reflections. Some questions may be more applicable to certain CAS activities than others.

v How did you feel?

v What did you perceive?

v What did you think about the activity?

v What did Examples of Good CAS Reflections the activity mean to you?

v What personal qualities has this experience helped you to develop?

v How have you related to other people?

v Have you treated all people equally?

v Have you demonstrated reliability and responsibility?

v What things have you achieved that you haven’t done before?

v What new skills have you developed?

v What skills have you improved?

v What new cultural experiences have you had?

v What did this teacher about people from other cultures?

v What did you learn about yourself?

v What did you accomplish through your CAS activity/project?

v Examples of Good CAS Reflections How successful were you in achieving your goals? What difficulties did you encounter and how did you overcome them?

v What did you learn about yourself and others through this activity/project? What abilities, attitudes and values have you developed?

v Did anyone help you to think about your learning during this activity/project? If so, who helped and how did they help?

v How did these activities/projects benefit others?

Source: IBNA CAS Presentation 2008

Examples of Good CAS Reflections

Volunteer at the Minneapolis Children's Hospital-26 hours, Social Service

During the summer before my senior year I participated in Examples of Good CAS Reflections a volunteer program at the Children's Medical Center in Minneapolis. There was an array of possible jobs, which I could do varying from bringing books to patients to assisting nurses in attaching IV's. I chose to work in the oncology unit where I spent my time going from room to room to talk to and play with children ranging in age from infants to 15-year-olds. During the summer I volunteered there for three hours once a week. Before beginning this work I had believed that the most stressful aspect of the job was going to Examples of Good CAS Reflections be interacting with the children because they were undergoing such harsh experiences at the hospital. However, after my first day of volunteering I discovered that it was not difficult to care for these often terminally ill children. The children were very open in accepting me. They were always the ones who made this brief interaction between two strangers seem comfortable. Through the compassion I constantly saw in these very sick children I was exposed to an amazing outlook on life. One of the false assumptions I made about working at Children's was that as a result of my Examples of Good CAS Reflections work I would feel good about myself for giving my time to these children. In fact, I did feel good about myself but it was not because of what I have given. Instead, it was the children who gave to me. From them I learned how positive and selfless people could be.

Taken from the IB Coordination Level 2 Supplemental workbook by Rick Fernandez

Volunteer at Walker Methodist Center-63 hours, Social Service (Names are made up)

I have seen first-hand the harshness of the aging process. People who were once vibrant, bustling human beings are now confined and subdued by Examples of Good CAS Reflections their deteriorating health. Jane has Parkinson's disease and is inhibited by her soft speech and inability to use her hands. I know from the time we have spent together that she has so much to say and many interests, but is slowed and sometimes stopped by her illness. Anne's only disease is effect of time and how it has affected her memory and hearing. Although she always recognizes me, Anne does not remember my name or hear much of what people say to her. As time went by, I began to realize that they had wonderful lives. Both have Examples of Good CAS Reflections successful and large families, with interesting experiences throughout their lives. Now they are slowed down, but maybe because it is time for them to rest. I have learned a lot from them, about many things, but mostly about how to live with what you are given ...I hope when I am their age and in a situation like theirs that I can have their attitude-life is what it is and the best thing to do is accept it and try to be happy.

Writing poetry-13 hours, Creative

From August of 1995 up to the present I have Examples of Good CAS Reflections kept a journal of poetry and stream of consciousness pieces that I have written. It now contains about 30 works. I write in it rather sporadically, either as ideas come to me that I feel would make good poems, or I feel the need to vent my emotion onto paper. I have shown this journal to certain teachers and friends, and I have submitted several of them to Mosaic. For me this journal is a way to stay sane, sort of a catharsis for my soul. By writing poetry about situations that I am in I can think through my options Examples of Good CAS Reflections and how to best deal with them. Similarly, it helps me to understand better what I am feeling. And if someone else can benefit from my writing through Mosaic, all the better. After all, art is not only beneficial for the artist, but also for the observer of that art.

Watching Richard 111-3 hours, Creative

This is probably the most thought-provoking Shakespearean interpretation that I have ever seen. It takes the story of Richard III and updates it to portray a fascist tyrant and a rebellion in England in the 1930's. The play is edited in such a way as to Examples of Good CAS Reflections make everything still make sense in the updated era, and even the famous line, "My horse, my horse, my kingdom for a horse?" fits

into the movie quite well. The music served to keep the audience interested, sometimes throwing in the most seemingly inappropriate pieces to make the view sit up and pay attention to what was going on. It just goes to show that Shakespeare's writings are timeless, as the same themes that he wrote about over three hundred years ago are still very much applicable to today.

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